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Spring 2015 Eyring Lecture...

Eyring Lecturer Spring 2015

Tobin J. Marks
Vladimir N. Ipatieff Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Chemistry, Materials Research Center, and the Argonne-Northwestern Solar Research Center, Northwestern University

General Lecture
" Interface Science of Plastic Solar Cells"
Thursday, 2/12/2015
6:30 PM, PSH-150
Technical Presentation
"Thermochemically Leveraged Strategies for Biofeedstock Catalysis"
Friday, 2/13/2015
3:40 PM, PSH-151


Tobin Jay Marks, the Vladimir N. Ipatieff Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Material Science and Engineering at Northwestern University will give the Spring Eyring lectures on February 12 and 13 of this year. https://chemistry.asu.edu/seminar/eyring.asp

Marks received a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Maryland (1966) and Ph.D. from MIT (1971) in Inorganic Chemistry. A master of the molecule in many ways, Marks studies and designs single molecules in order to make better catalysts for new kinds of plastics, while in his molecular optoelectronics work Marks designs arrays of "smart" molecules that will self-assemble into, or spontaneously form, structures that can conduct electricity, switch light on and off or emit and detect light.

"What fascinates me in science is making new things that no one has ever made before and understanding their properties on a fundamental level - and also with a mind toward whether the discoveries might have some useful application for society," says Marks.

During his career, Marks has been honored with some of the most prestigious national and international awards in the fields of inorganic, catalytic, materials and organometallic chemistry. Recent honors include the Wilkinson Medal from Royal Society of Chemistry UK, and the Alan G. MacDiarmid Medal from University of Pennsylvania. In 2001 Marks received the American Chemical Society' s Linus Pauling Medal and in 2002 the American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal.

Marks' honors also include the Burwell Award of the North American Catalysis Society, the Sir Edward Frankland Prize Lectureship of the British Royal Society of Chemistry and the Karl Ziegler Prize of the German Chemical Society. Marks is recipient of six American Chemical Society national awards and the American Chemical Society of Chicago Section's 2001 Josiah Willard Gibbs Medal, regarded by many as the highest award given to chemists, one step below the Nobel Prize. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1993.

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